Top 5 Things to look for when hiring a Social Media Company In the Hamptons


Social media companies are not all created equal as some are incredible while others barely know the basics of social media marketing. Without experience in the marketing field it can be difficult to wade through the different terms and discussion points. The following are some things to look for when you are considering hiring a company for your next social media campaign.

Make Sure They Are In Line With Your Goals

A company that already has a plan drawn out when you go to meet with them for the first time is something to watch out for. Social media can do quite a lot and no one campaign should be exactly the same. The goals you might have could be to drive traffic to your website or it could be to establish the company as a thought leader in the industry via social media. Once you have described your goals you should look for a plan that checks all your goals. Companies with set prices regardless of goal can be legitimate but be warned that you do not buy a package that only attains a few of your goals.Don’t look at the less detailed reviews as these can be bought but rather the ones with specifics.

Willing To Show Prior Results

Nothing sets off an alarm for a Internet Marketing Company more than not showing previous results that they have gotten for other similar clients. Social media differs industry to industry so it is important to note that one size fits all doesn’t work for a social media campaign. If you are shown case studies that they have done for clients in the past, make sure these are recent studies as the landscape of social media has changed immensely. A great thing to do is reach out to one of the seo companies in the long island area that have mentioned on their website and ask how their campaign went. If the company hasn’t worked with them in the past it is best to stay clear as lying on a website and to a client are not very different.

Has a Clear Reporting System

Going into an analytics program can make a person not in tune with the social media world feel like they are reading another language. It is important to make sure that your social media company allows you to see clear results in numbers. Certain less reputable companies might try to hide behind the large words and confusing abbreviations but a great company will do something much different. A great social media company will spell out what they have done for you in the simplest terms possible. For example, they might tell you they had “15 hits from social media directing to the website, 100 new followers on Twitter, 55 retweets” and how much engagement followers are offering. If there isn’t a number or stat saying something then it might not have happened, many things can be tracked on social media so make sure you are understanding them all.

Online Reviews or Referrals

Checking online reviews for a company is the first thing you should do when considering hiring a social media company. People are generally extremely honest or even overly mean about companies that they are reviewing. Find a company that has an abundance of reviews and not just a few. It is easy to get a quick 10 reviews on a site just so those less dedicated to research will accept the company as legitimate. A referral is a great way to pick a social media company as the person is putting their professional or personal reputation on the line by referring the company. The best thing that you can do is be introduced by the person referring you as this can sometimes garner you better quality work. The company wouldn’t want to produce low quality work for a person who was referred to them by another client. This could lose them 2 or more clients depending on how many other people have been referred by that person.

Do They Try To Educate You?

Companies that want informed clients are great to work with as some companies like to keep clients in the dark in order to cover up shortcomings in their work. Companies that offer client training or resources on their blog can be trusted as they know an educated client can collaborate on projects and give direction. Clients that have no idea what they want can be easy to direct but those who think they know what they want can be destructive. These clients can demand results from a faulty plan they read about on Social Media Today in an article from 2010 and blame the company if it doesn’t work. A company that is dedicated to client education is one that wants to not only work for you but with you for years to come.

This is just the beginning of the many things to look for in a social media company. Do your research and some test campaigns with a few companies. This will allow you to see what it is to work with them and pick the best one for your web company on long island!

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