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Nothing is more important to your listing than good photography. Perspective, angles, lighting, and other details can dramatically affect the final product and make or break potential showing. Technical details including format, resolution and size are just as important as the photo itself. We will establish for you a library of high-res, professional images ready for both print and web. And if you like, we will take care of uploading them to the web for you.

Photo Retouching:

Nothing is more important to your listing than good photography. Retouching is perfect for homes under construction, or those with unsightly issues. Add bluer skies and flowers, make seasonal adjustments, or digitally fill images before property construction is complete. Your retouched photos will be virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Digital Floor Plans:

Online listings benefit from thorough and clear documentation. Digitize your floor plans so they are email and web ready. We will scan, color or shade if needed, clean them up and turn them into site maps for easy distribution and clear viewing.

Digital Survey:

Digitize your surveys so they are email and web ready. Dead On Design will scan, color or shade if needed, clean them up and turn them into site maps for easy distribution and clear viewing.


Well written copy for your listings can be as important as photography by giving a clear first impression that gracefully highlights the best features of the property and grabs the attention of the potential client. Allow our staff of professional copywriters take care of all your copy needs.

Advertising Campaigns:

Dead On Design will design your print ads, provide a custom tailored placement program for running your ads, and work with your ad department to ensure your campaign stays within the parameters of the company’s style while creating your individual agent brand.

Banner Advertising:

The possibilities for online banner ads are endless, and unlike print ads, you get click-throughs to your website or property listing offering real-time interaction with your customers. Ensure the highest click-through rates with professionally designed and properly placed flash or still banner ads.

Video Tours:

Video is the ultimate visual documentation of a property. Well-edited video tours can be used on your web site, banner ads and leave-behind DVD’s. They can be engaging and informative for your potential clients. Offered as part of our photography services, we will shoot and edit your video tours with professionalism and a well-trained eye.

Virtual Staging:

Staging digitally is easier, faster and cheaper than physical staging. Perfect for new construction, or empty homes that feel cold and unwelcoming. Add furniture and décor that is virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Personal Website:

A well designed personal website has numerous functions. Most importantly, it creates a valuable first impression for clients, harnesses viewers into a single agent’s listings, and helps the flow of data between clients and brokers, all of which, bring in, network and sell listings more quickly. From a simple digital business card site with contact info, photo and bio, to a multi-leveled complex site with images, videos, surveys and floor plans, to anything in between. Your site will be custom designed to suit your needs and budget.

Property Branding:

Exceptional properties undoubtedly benefit from branding. Increase the buzz, editorial potential and subsequently the showings by giving your most exclusive listings an identity. This brand will carry through the print and web marketing, not only creating buzz for this listing, but impressing upon sellers, boosting new exclusive potential and the agent brand in general.

Property Brochures:

Incorporate your personal brand into your stylized property brochures to ensure your name is remembered and is synonymous with good design and professionalism. We will print small runs for your open houses as you need them.

Property Websites:

Take your exclusive property branding a step further. Marketing exceptional listings with their own sites not only lures in potential buyers, it also impresses potential sellers, cross-markets and builds upon an agent’s brand. It can also be executed quickly and inexpensively with the right approach.

Email Campaigns:

Create a cohesive, well-designed, custom tailored email blast campaign, ensuring that people not only open your emails, but they value the content.

Social Media:

There is much more to social media than posting updates on Facebook. Let us show you some of the newest techniques and develop a maintenance plan so you can sit back and watch the business pour in without lifting a finger.