Logo Design:

Everyone knows that a well-designed logo is essential to a successful business, but few know how to get there. Your logo needs to communicate what you do through a strong, unique and simple visual that sticks in the minds of your potential clients. We will work with you closely to develop a logo that meets these parameters and most importantly, feels right to you.

Company Branding:

A strong brand is essential to a successful business. By making your brand recognizable and clear, potential clients remember you when it matters most. We will develop your signature brand through logo design, print media, advertising and social media ensuring the highest impact for your company.

Web Design:

Your online presence may be the most important marketing investment you make. Your website is your storefront, your phonebook listing, and your most important online ad. Whether you need a fully functioning e-commerce site, or a simple digital business card site, your website will be custom designed to suit your needs and budget and will ensure a powerful first impression.


Advertising and print media can benefit from quality up-to-date photography of your current work. Don’t allow amateur photos to define your business. We will take care of everything from set-up to retouching.

Marketing & Strategy:

Once your brand is developed you need to get it out there to be seen. We will come up with a print and digital marketing plan that covers as many angles as possible within your budget to ensure the most bang for your buck.


Good advertising speak volumes about your business. Money spent on space for poorly designed ads is money wasted. Let us ensure the correct publication, issues, placement, design and technical considerations are given to each of your ads so you see real return on your investment.


Well-edited video clips can be used on your web site, banner ads and most web-based media outlets. They can be engaging and informative if done correctly. Offered as part of our photography services, we will shoot and edit any type of video you require with complete professionalism.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search Engine Optimization is a complex and ever-changing field. To ensure your business shows up first when a potential customer searches online, your SEO professional must be on top of their game. Basil Pugliese is considered one of the world’s top-ranking SEO professionals and has developed some of the most informed and proactive SEO options available on the market.

Social Media:

There is much more to social media than posting updates on Facebook. Let us show you some of the newest techniques and develop a maintenance plan so you can sit back and watch the business pour in without lifting a finger.

Email Campaigns:

A properly executed email campaign is essential in today’s digital world. We consider the legal, design and technical considerations of each campaign. Don’t rely on bulk BCC emails to get your message through spam filters. Let us take care of all the details to ensure your message clearly reaches its intended audience.