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Project Description


Gardeneering already had a brand when they came to us for a new website. We designed a simple site for them that showcases their colorful portfolio of work and personal, casual work and communication style. We ended up also creating an email marketing template for them to use internally for future blasts.
“What a pleasure it was to work with Dead on Design! John and his team were dedicated to each and every one of our projects. The scope of work accomplished for us was creating a brand-new website as well as the design of several local ad campaigns. Throughout the entire process they were very open to opinions and ideas to curate a brand that reflects the uniqueness of our business. Now, one of the first things we recommend a potential client do is check out our webpage. Just as we take pride in our designs, we can also take pride in our website, as a clear representation of the services and integrity we offer. Although this was the first time the company had worked with a client in the landscape design industry, they surpassed all expectations of an online platform for our business. Not only is our website fully functional and easy to navigate, it is gorgeous!”