World renowned architect Bruce Nagel not only required an updated look for his brand…

…but he also needed added function as he incorporated partners into his Hamptons based business in NYC, Chicago, Dallas and Florence, Italy. DOD first modernized the typeface and color palette of his brand, using the persimmon red as an effective accent. We highlighted the most important facets in his collateral portfolio, including the plus sign in the center of the logo, which is a subtle nod toward the collaboration of Nagel and his partner architects around the world.

Brand Identity Project

Bruce Nagel + Partners Architects


Brand Identity

Bruce Nagel and Partners Architects, Dead on Design
Bruce Nagel + Associates New Brand Identity
Custom Business Card Design - Bruce Nagel
Custom Designed Sign - Bruce Nagel - Dead on Design
Branding & Design Guidelines - Bruce Nagel and Partners Architects, Dead on Design