The name Gary DePersia is synonymous with Hamptons real estate, but how did he get there?

Obviously with a lot of hard work—but the fact that DePersia, along with DOD owner John Lasurdo, spearheaded a new way of marketing real estate is certainly part of his formula for success. John began working for DePersia in xxxx when very few agents had their own brands, used professional photography, or ran year-round print ad campaigns in both local and national publications, like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. It wasn’t common practice back then for agents to have their own personal marketing team either, but the dynamic methods Lasurdo developed for DePersia set the standard for new companies like Bespoke and Saunders. It was Lasurdo’s drive to creatively and strategically up the bar, and DePersia’s drive for success that changed the Hamptons real estate market forever.

Gary DePersia

Gary DePersia

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